Will Podcasting Replace Your Radio?

Have you tried podcasting yet? Maybe you are one of the ones that has still not found out about it. Perhaps you have heard of it but you still don’t really understand what it is all about. Since I even asked about whether or not you knew of podcasting, that should give you some type of clue how likely it might be too replace radio.

The new format of today happens to be podcasting which basically means distributing video and audio content across the Internet. Technically, it really amounts to nothing necessarily new nowadays. It basically means that you are embedding some multimedia content into some type of feed. (more…)

How to Write for Travel

Who wants to create their own travel website? Perhaps not many people reading this want to go as far as creating their own website to discuss traveling destinations tips. However, I have seen many posts that show a person being very capable of doing just that.

Almost on a weekly basis I will see someone on Facebook post about what destination they had recently visited. I also have seen many take the opportunity to write reviews on websites like Trip Advisor and others. Many of those are some really great posts. Therefore, you don’t necessarily have to create your own blog website to write about travel experiences. (more…)

Music Is the Great Motivator

Music is, perhaps more than ever in history, an integral part of our lives. It is absolutely everywhere. Just by taking a casual glance around yourself, you will be able to see people walking around with headphones on their heads, or ear buds in their ears. It’s almost like we need a soundtrack for just about everything we do. And music is readily accessible, too.

YouTube, MySpace, Last.fm, iTunes and hundreds of other media outlets and websites are there to provide you with your favorite tunes, some for free, some for a fee. People also have a great deal of choice on how they are going to blast out their favorite music. Some prefer mp3 players, such as iPod and the likes of it. Some simply upload music on their cell phones. Others tune into radio stations while they’re at work, in their car, or at home. Records are making a comeback, as well, with each new release being issued on iTunes, CD, and vinyl simultaneously.

It may sound like a cliché, but music makes things better. Even the most boring, mundane chores are made more bearable once music is involved into the equation. Speaking of boring stuff people would like to avoid doing, exercising makes the top of the list for most. Many people don’t really like working out, not just because it requires a lot of effort, but because it’s so repetitive. Doing the same moves over and over again simply kills any kind of motivation, which is why most of us quit after a short while. Music might be one of the solutions!

Getting in Shape with Music

Take a look at the latest home fitness equipment – things like rowing machines, exercise bikes, treadmills and elliptical machines. The manufacturers have jumped on the fact that so many people use music to relieve boredom whilst working out. In fact it has been proven that people will exercise more vigorously and for longer periods of time if they are listening to music – this article explains it in detail. Elliptical machines nearly all have music “built in” – either by providing MP3 docks or including speaker systems. They were one of the first to embrace the technology but the others have followed.

Not convinced about the effects of music on your ability to workout longer and harder? If you don’t believe us, try working out while blasting Survivor’s “Eye of the Tiger”. Imagine Rocky running up that long flight of stairs. Whether you want to admit it or not, you will be provided with a small jolt of instant motivation, pumped to carry on a bit more. And if that particular tune doesn’t do it for you, find another one that will. Try putting together a playlist containing songs that will get you psyched. Also, the quality of the workout will be much better, because you will attempt to stick to the beat. If you don’t believe us, try it.

There you go, yet another area of life that has been improved with music. But, we would also like to point out one thing. While music can be used as pleasant distraction or a means of spicing things up, it should still be appreciated for what it is. That means finding the time every once in a while to relax, sit in your favorite chair and truly listen to music just for the sake of music, and not just consume it like some sort of product. It is so much more than that.

Foundation For A Blossoming Music Career

A lot of us who wish to have a career playing the instrument we love don’t really know how to go about starting. If you can afford a manager you won’t need any of this advice. If you’re like the rest of us, these basics are very helpful in creating your repath. I will go over some of my best suggestions here.

Have an Identity:
There are a lot of people who know how to sing, compose a song and know how to play different musical instruments all at the same time. This means that knowing how to play the guitar or sing well won’t necessarily give you an edge when starting out in the music business industry. People forget easily. You might be a household name for a few months due to a popular music contest TV show or you might have trending YouTube videos for a week, but that does not mean that you will still be able to sell concert tickets or make a best-selling album in the coming years.

The music industry is tough, but there is a way to work around it. In order to have staying power in your music career, you need to know the kind of music you like to provide, you need to establish yourself first. Having an identity means having an image people can identify or with. Know if you are a punk rock singer, a balladeer, or if you want to be known in the world of pop music or classical music.

As an example, Celine Dion is viewed as one of the top paid divas in the world. People have really identified with her music. She has become a brand in her own right, and has signature songs that people are reminded of. After establishing her identity, she went on to explore other genres of songs maintained an image that people are able to associate with.

Know who your fans are:
Fan loyalty, is what will keep a musician on top. You don’t necessarily have to gain the attention of the entire world. All that it takes is to know what type of individuals are loyal to your concept and how will you be able to grow with them as an artist over time. A lot of musicians commit the mistake of not taking care of their loyal fans. They tend to reduce the time researching on how to best inspire the people who supported them first. If you know how to take care of your fans, your career is set for life.

Invest in a good Public Relations team to boost your career:
Anyone who wants to remain in the limelight and have their career secured must have a good PR team handling their career. This must be a person or a group of individuals that you trust. These people can boost your public image and can make sure that you will remain in the music scene. A lot of musicians get destroyed by bad publicity. A bad public image can ruin your entire career. Work closely with the PR team, and be clear on the image you want to project to the world and why, and ask them how you can best achieve that.

Know there is more to life:
It can be difficult to get back to reality, but unless you have no real responsibilities there is going to have to be some time you put things on hold. Being able to perfect this art is the most difficult and most crucial, in my opinion. If you can’t fund your efforts somehow, they stand no chance. You could try to find a job that is flexible in terms of hours. I know a singer who earns a great salary as a medical biller and coder. He makes his living from home, and can make himself available for any gig. Sometimes even on short notice.

Another thing of high importance is being able to decompress. It’s easy to find yourself in the studio for any spare moment you can find, but you should also have a great way to clear your head completely. One of the things that I like to do is spend time alone in the woods. Being that close to nature really helps my creativity too! I have even started to take pictures of the scenery out there since I discovered game cameras. I hope the photos they take will one day be on an album cover!

Remember that a lot of musicians started out great, but have ended up failing in the end for not having clear goals. You need to be willing to take the time to learn, as the years go by.
Always make time to improve your craft and who you are as a person and as an artist.

Best 5 Music Applications for Android

Music players have evolved over the years and in modern times mobile devices have opened up a whole new way for people to experience this medium. People can now listen to music, watch videos, create songs and even mix their favourite melodies together to form their own tunes. There are even some Android apps that give people the freedom to make their own type of melodies and original creation. Here are the 5 best music apps for Android that can be downloaded and installed for compatible devices as APK files from http://www.apkfreedownload.org/.

1. Shazam

Shazam is a music application that allows users to download their favourite songs and music videos. This app also gives people the ability to Shazam (or watch) their favourite TV show. With the use of Shazam, people can share new songs over social networks such as Twitter or Facebook, watch videos on YouTube, view lyrics to song while they sing and make recommendations to friends or family. This application will even allow people to make up their own radio playlist. Music songs and videos can also be experienced in new and different ways with the use of this application.

2. Deezer

Users can download the Deezer app in order to get the songs they love and the kind of music that gets them moving. A person can choose from millions of tunes and enjoy thousands of different radio channels that support many genres. Radio playlists can be created with Deezer and new bands and artists can be discovered with the use of Deezer. This app is free of charge. Deezer also offers a premium service that is free for 15 days.

3. TuneIn Radio

The TuneIn Radio Station app allows users to have access to over 100,000 radio stations from around the country and over four million pod-casts on the internet. People can even listen to radio stations from around the world. TuneIn lists all off these radio and pod-cast stations on their data network. This app is free to download and use.

4. Sound Cloud

The Sound Cloud is a versatile app that allows users to explore trending music videos and audio feed. Users can search directly for tracks, artists and other users in order to get some really great music. The app has a variety of different tracks that are available for download and people have the ability to play, pause and skip tracks from the lock-screen. Mobile device owners can record sounds and share them on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. This too is another free music app from the Android market.

5. PowerAmp Music Player

Poweramp is a music app that gives users control over how they hear their music. This app not only helps users to get a hold of some really good music, it also allows them to mix the sounds that they get. Users can expand the base levels of a song to a deep and rich tone or they can adjust the treble to a clean and clear sound. Other features include stereo expansion, mono mixing, balance, replay gain and gap-less play. A person can even queue songs and take their own unique sounds from their music library to mix them with other tunes. This is another great music app that can be download for free.

3 nutrition tips for touring musicians

Long hours on the road. Late nights of rehearsals. Shows that last for hours on end. Being a musician on tour, while majorly rewarding and tons of fun, is also a lot of work and it certainly takes its toll on the body. Because of this, it is extremely important for touring artists to do all they can to keep themselves healthy, meaning nutrition is a must.

Of course, considering the packed schedule and often limited options available on the road, practicing good nutrition is easier said than done. So, how exactly can one maintain a healthy lifestyle on the road?

There are three major things that an artist can do to keep themselves at a peak performance level: hydrate, juice, and snack.


Hydration: The best performance enhancer

First and foremost: hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Often underestimated, but highly important, is the power of a simple bottle of water. Without a doubt, one of the biggest mistakes an artist on tour can make is not properly hydrating. It’s an important thing for everyone to remember, but between the heat of stage lights and the energy it takes to put on a show, it is absolutely crucial for artists to keep a bottle of water on hand at all times. Dehydration can shut a show down in minutes, and no artist ever wants to be forced to cancel a show, especially over something so easily preventable.


Juicing: get a nutrient boost in seconds

Next up, we have juicing. On tour, there often isn’t time to get the full, nutrient rich meals needed to keep an artist at their best. However, that is no excuse for denying the body what it needs most. Juicing is a quick and easy way to get all the daily vitamins and minerals needed while on the go. All it takes are some choice fruits and veggies, a good juicer, and about 5 minutes. Not to mention, they can be prepared ahead of time (if stored properly) so that they’re on hand as a quick pick-me-up when needed. And best of all, there are countless recipes out there that can be made to suit each individual’s needs, and tastes. Not to mention the huge variety of ready-made juices available in store for those times when making one just isn’t an option. The key here is to choose a top quality juicing machine, which will provide the most bang for buck when it comes to high levels of nutrients and minerals.


Snacking: its great

The final tip for staying healthy on the road is to keep a good supply of healthy snacks on hand. Fruits and vegetables are always a great option, although their perishable nature can be problematic at times, and they may be hard to come by while traveling. In that case, nuts are a wonderful choice, as they won’t spoil, they require no preparation, and they’re packed with protein. A bag of almonds, for example, is a great snack to keep stashed away on the tour bus. Another fantastic option is trail-mix. With the protein of nuts, and the vitamins and sugars of dried fruits, trail-mix is a perfect on-the-go snack that will give an often needed boost of energy.

It may not always seem like the easiest thing to do, with fast food joints off of every highway exit, but with a little planning (and some good self-control) maintaining a healthy lifestyle on tour is far from impossible.

Taking Your Music With You

The way we listen to music has not always been as it is today. The obviousness that small children take an iPhone, plug in their earphones, and listen to streaming music from Spotify is sometimes fascinating to watch.

They wonder why, when they’re on the train, that their music videos don’t work (because there is no WIFI).

This development hasn’t taken that long to happen. It started in 1978 in Japan…

The Very First Steps

The story of the Walkman is an interesting story of unintentional success. An audio engineer developed a simple portable cassette recorder/player for one of the co-chairman of the Japanese company Sony. This co-chairman had asked for such a device, because he wanted to listen to opera music on his many trans-pacific flights.

Sony coined the phrase “Walkman“; it’s a word that has stuck around quite long.

From Tape to Disc

Eventually technology made it possible to put music on a CD. The obvious advantage was that the audio quality always remained 100% of its original, and that you could not accidentally erase a recording.

The step from Walkman to Discman was a small one, and Discmans have been pretty successful too.

The only downside about the Discman is that they were not very suitable for joggers and other kinds of high motion sporting. The older Walkman you could simply toss around, and you would still be able to hear your favorite music perfectly.

While the Discman would pre-read between 1 to 2 minutes and then play it, pausing the disc in between. But if you would be jogging, the Discman was shaking too much, so the CD player could not resume reading the music track that was playing.

10,000 Songs in Your Pocket

In 2001 portable music took a big leap forward with the introduction of the iPod. The sales slogan was simple: “10,000 songs in your pocket“. The iPod, together with the music platform iTunes, radically changed how we looked at and used music.

Suddenly you could buy only one song, rather than the whole album, and you could fill you little iPod with exactly the songs you wanted to listen to.

We all know that after the iPod came the iPhone. Together with the ever-increasing amount of broadband that became available, the need for “owning” music started to disappear.

You no longer needed to download music to listen to it. You could simply download the Spotify app, and listen to pretty much every piece of music that was ever made in the world since music was invented.

Screaming Streaming

Next to music, Spotify and streaming music, the phenomenon of Podcasts has also taken off.

You can subscribe to podcasts using your iTunes account or you can use the alternative service from Stitcher.

Stitcher is growing rapidly. This is especially so because recently they have struck several deals with carmakers to install the technology to listen to Podcasts that are distributed through Stitcher.

This means that if you want to listen to your favorite Podcast, and you’re on a long distance journey or just doing your work commute, you simply switch your car radio from radio to streaming audio from Stitcher. No need to download, simply listen to that piece of radio in your car that you want to listen to.

The Hidden Costs of Learning to Play an Instrument

Learning to play an instrument is a wonderful investment for music lovers of all ages. Learning to play an instrument helps us learn discipline, dedication, and persistence. These skills can be translated to benefits in all areas of life. Depending on the instrument you choose, and the skill level you wish to reach, music learning can be a costly endeavor. There are several important costs to consider, and budget for, when learning an instrument.

Most of the times my family struggled to pay for my lessons, yet they kept supporting me until the end. Currently I have a scholarship to keep pursuing my music studies, but just for applying to this program my family had to spent 1000 USD. At that moment we didn’t count with the money, so my parents had to ask for an online credit. If you are a Spanish speaker as my father and want to know more information about online credit click here or just do a quick search for Dineromio.com – Préstamos Rápidos in Google.

Here I have translated some tips regarding payday loans (source: Salir de Deudas) and what costs to consider when learning an instrument.

The first thing you’ll need to consider is how much it will cost to either purchase or rent your instrument. Some instruments are much more expensive than others. A piano, for example, will generally cost you more than an acoustic guitar. A good, economic option is to start out by renting or renting-to-own your instrument. This will allow you to assess how dedicated you are to music lessons before you make a substantial investment.

The other major cost you’ll need to budget for is the lessons. Beginner lessons are, on average, less expensive than advanced-level lessons. Other factors affecting the cost are whether your lessons will be private, semi-private, or delivered in a group setting. Private lessons are the most expensive, while group lessons are generally the least expensive option. Also factored into the cost of lessons are the experience and qualifications of the instructor. A teacher with a degree in music will charge more than a teacher without one. When choosing a teacher, factor in how skilled you hope to become. If your goal is just to learn simple tunes for your own pleasure, you may not need a teacher with as many qualifications as you would if your goal was to become a professional musician.

Once these two costs have been figured out, you’ll need an idea of how much money you’ll be spending on music books. You can expect the cost of books to be lower toward the start of your music learning, and more expensive as you reach the higher levels of skill. Ask your teacher to give you a list of books that you’ll need for the first few levels of music lessons. Being prepared for the costs will help prevent any interruptions in your learning.

Aside from the lessons and the cost of your instrument, there are a few other things to prepare for in your budget. For example, are you planning on completing any music exams or participating in any music festivals? There are usually admission and/or application fees associated with such events.

Ask your teacher for as much information about costs before you begin lessons. He or she should be able to give you a good idea of the costs of such things as books, exams, and festivals. Preparing ahead for the costs of music learning can help you stay prepared and motivated to master your instrument.

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